How do I create a chart?

Creating a chart takes just a few steps!

1. From the dashboard, on the left navigation, choose "Charts" then click "Add a chart".

2. Only the first and last name are required to create a chart. If you wish to communicate with your patient/client through Luminello, you may invite them by adding their email address and checking the box to invite your patient/client to Luminello.

3. You can enable or disable any permissions for the patient/client portal. The patient/client will only able to see those areas for which he/she has access. 

4. All other info is optional and can be filled in at any time. Please note, if you would like to begin e-prescribing for your patient, the "required for e-prescribing info" must be entered before the patient's first prescription can be sent.

save image

5. Be sure to click "Save". 

save image

Or,  you can click "Save & Create Another Chart" if you'd like to create another patient/client chart.

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That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.