DOSESPOT: Why can't I get in to e-Prescribe?

Some users may get an error message if trying to access e-Prescribe in Mac/Safari (Desktop version), as seen below:

Alternately, the following screen may come up:The reason behind this is that Safari requires certain key settings that other browsers (Firefox, Chrome) don't.  However, these instructions will help you to fix this:

1.  In Safari, choose "Preferences".2. Choose "Privacy", then uncheck "Block all cookies".

Or, click "Always allow".

3. Reboot Safari and try e-prescribing again.

On your iPad:

1. Click on the ''Settings'' icon. 

2. Scroll down to Safari (in the left side of the menu) and click on it. 

3. In the ''Privacy & Security'' section, click on "Block Cookies". 

4. Click "Always"  to accept/allow cookies. 

5. Close the ''Settings" menu & try e-prescribing again. 

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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