How do I send a message to a patient/client?

There are three ways to send a message: From within the chart, from the dashboard, or from the ''Messages'' section.  See below how to do that on each section and then, see the bottom for how to add a message to a chart.

To send a message from within the chart:

1. Go into a patient's chart through the ''Shortcuts'' menu on the home page by selecting ''Send message'' from the ''Go to'' dropdown menu, as shown below: 

2. On the 'E-mail'' tab, compose a message and add any attachments that you need. 

3. After composing your message, scroll down and click on ''Send'' or on ''Send+Add to chart''. Additionally, you can choose your next action after sending the message from the ''Action'' dropdown. 

Sending a message from the dashboard:

1. Click on "Compose New" on the dashboard. 

2. On the ''New Message'' screen, compose your message and click on ''Send'' or ''Send+Add to chart''. You can also save this message as a draft to be sent at a later time. 

Sending a message from the ''Messages'' section:

1. On the dashboard, click on "Messages".

2. Once you are in the message panel, you will have several options. Click "Compose new" to start a new message. 

3. To reply to a message, click the message to open it, then click "Reply".

Add to chart feature

When composing a message to a patient/client, you can choose to add the message to his/her chart, or another chart (for example a parent's). If you are replying to a message, the sender's name will automatically be set in the "to" field. If you wish to change it, you can type the name in the search field and select it from options that appear. 

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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