What navigation shortcuts are in Luminello?

You can move quickly between charts, book appointments, send forms, and much more from your home page and from within a chart by following these steps to display the shortcuts menu:

1. Via Keyboard shortcut:

  • For Windows: On your keyboard, press the " Control + Semi-colon" buttons.
  • For Mac/Chrome: Press the " Command + Control + Semi-colon" buttons.


Via link:

  • Desktop/laptop: Click "Shortcuts."

  • Mobile: Click on your name in the upper-right corner, then "Shortcuts."

2. In the pop-up, start typing (at least two characters) to enter the patient's/client's name in the search field. 

3. You can also search using the patient's/client's age.

4. You also have additional options at your disposal in the shortcuts menu. To use them, first select the patient's/client's name in the patient/client search bar.

Once you have selected the chart name, you can use the various shortcuts available in the "Go to..." drop-down. 

5. To go to the patient's dashboard, you can select the "Chart dashboard" option.

6. You can also compose a note for the patient by clicking on the "Compose free text note" option.

7. To send a form to the patient, click on the "Send Form" option.

8. To book an appointment for the patient, you can select the "Book an appointment" option.

9. To review the patient's billing information, click on the "View billing" option.

10. To send a message to the patient, select the "Send a message" option in the drop-down.

11. If you want to send an e-prescription, click on "Send an e-prescription."

12. To view the patient's profile, select the "View profile info" option.

13. More shortcuts are at your disposal under the "Quick Links" drop-down. 

14. To update your availability, select the "Update my public profile availability" option.

15. To view your task lists, click on "View my task list."

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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