How do I send an e-lab order?

You can send an e-lab order for any of your patients with the following steps:  

1. Go to patient/client chart>labs>send e labs

2. Confirm the "'Order Type" from the drop-down menu. ''PSC'' will be selected by default and indicates that the sample will be collected at the lab. However, choose ''Standard'' if you will personally collect the sample. 

3. Review the “Bill Type” in the drop-down menu, which is based on the information provided to Change Healthcare. If all insurance has been provided and the payer was found, the bill type will automatically be set to ‘’Third Party’’. If not, then the bill type would be set to ‘’Patient’’. 

To summarize:

  • Third party = Insurance info that is pre-populated from Charts>Billing>Insurance info
  • Patient = Patient self-pay (or, the patient can give her/his info to the lab at the time of service)
  • Client = The ordering clinician. Use this only if you have a pre-existing relationship with a lab.  DO NOT SELECT THIS UNLESS YOU WISH YOUR PRACTICE TO GET BILLED DIRECTLY BY THE LAB FOR THE ORDER. 

4. The patient's demographic info will be auto-filled, but you may wish to review this information before submitting the order.

5. The order information will be auto-filled, but you may wish to review this information before submitting the order. 

6. Enter the numeric test code (IF you happen to have memorized it) in the search bar OR click on the binoculars icon. 

7. If you don't know the code, in "Description," enter the name of the test, for example, "Thyroid."  Then, select the code and click on the "Use selected" button. If you think you'll be ordering that lab regularly, click "Use Selected & Save to Preferences."

8. You can see your test is added to your "Tests" list.

9. You may wish to review the ICD-10 codes that were populated from the chart.

10. Click on "Validate Order".

11. Your order will be validated and you will see the order details displayed. 

12. To complete the order, you MUST click on ''Send." Please note: "Create Another'' will NOT transmit the order. To see how to force files to open in a new tab, please click here

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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