Why didn't I get my e-lab results back?

E-lab results may not be returned for several reasons. Note: To learn how to check if the order was successfully transmitted, please click here

  • Check to make sure you have looked in all the right placesHow can I see my patient's e-lab results?
  • Ensure that you have spelled the patient's name correctly in Luminello and that it matches the spelling that the patient may have given the lab.
  • Confirm with the patient that he/she actually went to the lab and that it was the correct lab to go to. For example, you may have sent an order to Quest, but the patient may have gone to LabCorp - in that case, no results will be reported.
  • The lab was not done in the state your e-lab account exists. For these instances, the results will be faxed instead of coming back to Luminello. 

If none of the above help, please contact us and we will contact Change Healthcare on your behalf so they can run an audit. Please note this process may take 3-5 business days.

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