How does the e-lab process work?

Luminello provides a platform where the patient and clinician's data are connected. Change Healthcare provides the user interface (the screens you see and buttons you click) in ''Charts>E-Labs'' or within a chart, under ''Charts>Labs'' (other than Charts>Labs>Generic Lab Sip) to enable Clinicians to send e-labs. 

Note: To see how to send an e-lab, please click here

The labs themselves generate results and send them back to ChangeHealthcare, whose portal you can see when you are in the lab section within Luminello.

Any bugs related to transmission or receipt of e-lab orders or results must be fixed by Change Healthcare. Luminello will coordinate the support process, but only Change Healthcare can troubleshoot/fix e-lab orders or bugs. Please note Change Healthcare does not provide support outside of business hours.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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