How do I set up e-prescribing?

Due to the highly regulated nature of e-prescribing, set-up is a multi-step process. We’re here to get you through it and we promise prescribing is a breeze once set-up is complete!  Feel free to ask us questions anytime in this process.


  • These instructions are for new users only.
  • For current users with a new/broken/lost phone, or who have hard reset their existing phone,  click here.
  • If you have a fraud alert on your credit report, you must have that lifted first before you can proceed.
  • Your "trusted assistant" will be contacted after you inform us you have passed step 2 to activate your account for EPCS. You must notify us that you have passed to keep the process moving!

Initial setup

Step 1: Credential verification

Step 2: E-sign agreements and take identity proofing quiz

Essential info after passing step 2

EPCS setup

Step 3: Download the free VIP access app or order a hard token

Step 4: Watch for a letter in the US Mail

Step 5: Finish set-up

Here is a visual overview of the process:

Download a PDF version (good for zooming in)

To set up controlled substance e-prescribing: