Step 5: Creating a passphrase

Clinicians will be prompted to create a passphrase after the registration is complete. The passphrase will be used to access your account and during the process of sending a controlled substance electronically. It must be at least 8 characters long, mixed cases, and contain at least one number.

1. Clinicians must also create a security question and security answer (case sensitive) which will be used in the event the passphrase is forgotten. 

Please Note: We strongly recommend you write down your passphrase and security question/answer and store it in a secure location. DrFirst CANNOT reset a passphrase. Your passphrase can only be reset by correctly answering your security question. In the event you forget your passphrase and cannot reset it, your account must be disabled and you will have to go through Identity Proofing (IDP) again and pay the $79 (+ tax where applicable) IDP fee. This fee cannot be waived under any circumstances as it originates from DrFirst.

2. Once finished entering in the "Passphrase", "Security Question", and "Security Answer", click "Continue" to move forward and register your token(s).

Once you have created a passphrase, please move on to the next step in the IDP process, Step 6: Entering the "Experian Transaction Number"


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