Step 6: Entering the "Experian Transaction Number"

During the IDP process, you will receive an email (with an important link) to complete the final step in the EPCS setup. You will need the Experian Transaction Number (which you will have received via SMS or regular mail).

Most cellphone numbers are automatically linked to a credit report. Read this if yours isn't - you'll be able to complete the EPCS setup in minutes vs days!

Receiving your Experian Transaction Number via SMS

If you received your Experian Transaction number via SMS, click the link in the email and enter your Experian Transaction Number (see screenshot below for a visual).

Please Note: The text message is only valid for 7 days. Once expired, you will have to go through Identity Proofing once again, which incurs a $79 (+ tax where applicable) one-time charge each time. This fee cannot be waived under any circumstances as it originates from DrFirst.

If you did not receive the text message, and your mobile number was verified on your credit report, please contact us to resend the text and email to complete these steps. 

Receiving your Experian Transaction Number via USPS Mail

If you did not receive a text message because your mobile phone was not verified on your credit report, you will receive a letter from Experian.

1. Once you receive the letter, access the IDP confirmation email and click the link. 

2. Enter your Experian Transaction Number, passphrase, and token pin. Then click "Submit".

Once you have completed this, please move on to the final step: Step 7: Activating EPCS

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