How do I log in to the iPrescribe app?

1. Open the app and tap "Log In".

2. Enter your username and password. You can use the "Forgot Password" link to trigger a reset email if you have forgotten your password.

Once logged in, the dashboard will appear with the below options:

1. New Rx – Create a new prescription and work with patient/client profiles.

2. Pending Rx – Access pending prescriptions that need to be signed off and sent to a pharmacy.              Please note,  up to 10 pending prescriptions can be processed at a time within iPrescribe.

3. Renewals – Access renewal requests for patients/clients and quickly approve or deny.

4. Secure Chat – Securely communicate with patients/clients or colleagues.

PDMP – Access PDMP.

Please Note: Secure Chat is not supported by Luminello. PDMP features require a separate setup.

That's it!! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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