How can I create a new patient/client or search for an existing one in iPrescribe?

1. Open the app and click on the "New Rx" option.

2. Select a patient/client, choose from recent patients/clients, or create a new patient/client.

a) Recent Patients/Clients To select a recent patient/client, tap on the name from the recent list.

b) Patient/Client Search – To search for a patient/client, begin typing the name within the search box. You will see that a list of applicable patients/clients displayed as you continue typing.

c) New Patient/Client To add a new patient/client, click the green "New Patient" button. You will need to enter six required fields at minimum, which are noted with red asterisks. These include:

  • First Name
    Last Name
    Date of Birth
    Zip Code
    Home Phone Number
  • You may toggle between "Some" and "All" in the top right corner to either display only the required fields, or all demographic fields.

  • Once you have entered the information, tap "Create Patient".

Please Note: Address 1 is not marked with an asterisk but is required in order to electronically send controlled substances. We recommend entering this for all patients/clients as a best practice.

That's it!! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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