Where can I find the patient/client summary within iPrescribe?

Once a patient/client is selected, you will be taken to the ''Patient/client summary'' page. The screen is separated into the following sections:

1. Patient/Client Name and Demographics  Displays patient/client demographic information. A more complete view (including phone number and formulary information) can be accessed by tapping the down arrow.

2. Pharmacy - Add or edit patient/client default pharmacy.

3. PDMP Check Allows for PDMP checking if your account is enabled.

4. Active Medications - Add or edit active medication details.

5. Pending Rx - Act on pending prescriptions for the patient/client.

6. Allergies - Add or edit patient/client allergy information.

7. Diagnoses - Add or edit patient/client diagnosis information.

8. Encounters - Add or edit patient/client encounter dates.

That's it!! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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