How do I create a new prescription in iPrescribe?

The following steps will help you create a new prescription for any patient/client in iPrescribe.

1. Go to the specific patient/client and tap the "Create New Rx" button.

2. Choose the medication. You can search by either the brand or generic name.

3. Based on a patient’s/client's eligibility, there will be formulary codes presented to the next to the strength. These indicate if a drug is covered or preferred by a patient’s/client's payer.

4. Choose the desired dosage.

5. You can create a custom prescription sig or choose from a pre-populated list of "Smart String" options. "Smart Strings" are pre-populated sigs that are commonly prescribed for that medication.

6. On the sig page, you can choose to update the sig, duration, quantity, refills, if a substitution is permitted, patient/client directions, and directions to the pharmacist.

7. If the sig needs to be updated, tap "Edit" to change the sig.

8. In edit mode, you can use the numbered options to select the duration (as applicable), quantity, and refills.

9. Choose between " Substitution Permitted" or "Dispense As Written".

10. Tap the  "Continue" button.

11. On the "Rx Review" screen, you can review the prescription. If changes need to be made, tap directly on the prescription to be taken back to the sig page.

12. Tap "Sign and Send" to send the prescription, "Add to Favorites" to star the prescription, or "Add to Pending" to save it as a pending prescription.

13. Enter your password and tap the "Sign & Send" button to complete the action.

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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