FAQ for iPrescribe

Q: Do I need to be connected to the Internet to use the app?
A: Yes, you need to be online via a wi-fi connection or using cellular data to send prescriptions.

Q: Can I use iPrescribe for both legend drug and controlled substance prescribing?
A: Yes, you can prescribe everything in one place. iPrescribe automatically includes the e-prescribing of legend drugs. 

Q: Is medication history available through the app?
A: Yes, up to one year of complete medication history is accessible.

Q: Is PDMP/PMP access available through the app?
A: Yes, in-workflow PDMP access is available for selected states. 

Q: Can office staff use the app?
A: Yes, non-clinical staff can log in to the app. Due to the back-end integration of iPrescribe and your EHR, any changes made by the office in iPrescribe will be reflected in both systems. In order to make these types of updates, the office staff must have login access. 

Q: Can a staff member create a prescription and save it so I can sign and send later?
A: Yes, a staff member can queue up prescriptions. They will be saved to the “pending” section in iPrescribe and the prescriber attached to the script will receive a push notification when there is a pending script waiting for them.

Q: Is there a “favorites” list?
A: Yes, you can create favorite prescriptions in iPrescribe. We even take it one step further - the app uses two state-of-the-art smart technologies:
• SmartSearch℠ – When you start typing a drug name, the app suggests medications based on your specialty (e.g., pediatricians will see names of pediatric drugs, psychiatrists will see psychiatric drugs)
• SmartStrings℠ – Remembers sig information for commonly written prescriptions and fills it in for you so you just have to check and approve; there’s no extensive typing on your mobile device screen

Q: Can I print a prescription?
A: You can print via fax. iPrescribe has an auto-fax feature under settings; just enter the number of your preferred fax machine and you will receive a non-fillable copy of each prescription you send from iPrescribe. This allows you to keep paper copies or have staff enter the information back into the EMR.

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