How do I respond to an e-refill request?

E-refill and e-rx change requests can be responded to in the following ways:

  • In Charts>E-rx Notifications (described below) - up to 20 requests with one signature.
  • Within the chart itself if you want more info in order to decide what to do with the request, such as to see chart history, prescription history, etc.

Responding in Charts>E-rx notifications

1. Optional: If you wish, click the Patient Clinical Report (the "clipboard" icon) ...

2. ... to review current medications, allergies, and diagnoses.  Note: if you wish to see chart history or other info, you must go into the chart itself by using the chart keyboard shortcut or clicking "within a chart" at the top of the screen and then typing the name of the patient.

3. Under the "Response" section, select the desired action from the ''Action'' drop‚Äźdown menu for each refill request. 

  • Forward: this allows a staff member to forward the prescription request to another qualified prescriber in his or her practice. 
  • Remove: should only be used if you have previously handled this request and it is a duplicate. 
  • Modify suggested: once you sign, you will be prompted to modify this prescription
  • Choose a new drug: allows a provider to input a new medication in place of the current one on the spot
  • Deny: will deny the request and send a denial message to the pharmacy. 
  • Renew: renews the prescription with the desired number of additional refills. When you choose the appropriate refills, you are authorizing this fill plus X refills of the medication.  In Charts>Rx>History, this appears as follows:
    • If just this refill request is authorized, and no additional fills: the medication will appear with zero in the RF column
    • If fills in addition to this refill request are authorized, the medication will appear with the number of additional fills in the RF column

4. After you have completed selecting an action for each request you wish to act on, enter your signature password either at the top, or bottom, of the screen, and click the ''Send'' button.

5. You will see a success notification (or if you have chosen to "Modify" a drug, you will be prompted to do that now).

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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