Step 1: What you need BEFORE starting the EPCS identity proofing (IDP) process:

What you need BEFORE starting the EPCS identity proofing (IDP) process:

1. Either a soft or hard EPCS Token

  • Hard token – Provided by DrFirst
  • Soft token – VIP Access smartphone/tablet app by Symantec.
  • Please note: You cannot complete IDP without a token!

2. If there is a freeze on your credit report, it must be lifted first. Learn how to lift a security freeze from your credit report.

3. Prepare to answer identity proofing questions. They are formulated based on credit history, such as home/auto loans, bank account information, or places of residency, etc…Having your credit report available can assist in correctly answering those questions in order to successfully complete IDP. Obtain your free Experian credit report.

4. One valid personal credit card Visa or MasterCard.

  • Visa or MasterCard only ( American Express, Discover and Diner cards are not accepted.)
  • Only the first 8 digits are required
  • It cannot be a business credit card or personal debit cards.
  • Your card will NOT be charged.

Please note: Even though the Credit Cards and/or Phone # are not mandatory fields, it will help with passing the Identity Proofing EPCS. If you choose to use the Credit Cards field, make sure it is aa personal Visa or Master Cards (not debit) registered under your name at your residential address is being used. If you choose not to use a credit cards to strongly recommend to provide a telephone number associated with your residential address (landline or cell phone).

5. Valid personal phone number 

  • Whether land-line or cellular, it must be associated with your home address
  • RECOMEMDED : If you enter a mobile phone number, and Experian can verify you are the primary account holder for the phone, you will receive a text message with your IDP transaction ID instantly, as opposed to a letter via USPS mail that takes about 3-5 business days to arrive.

6. Social Security Number

7. DEA number (not NADEAN) and state license number 

8. An idea for a passphrase/password that is a minimum of 8 characters with at least one capital letter, one lowercase letter, and a number

  • A passphrase is necessary for the two-factor authentication required for sending controlled scripts
  • It is highly recommended that you write down the passphrase and save it in a secure location

9. An idea for a security question and answer (necessary for resetting your passphrase/password)

  • Example: Mother’s maiden name or make/model of your first car
  • Security answers are case sensitive

Once you have obtained these items, please carry on with Step 2: Clinician invite and Identity Proofing

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