Step 2: Clinician invite

Every EPCS provider will receive an invite from DrFirst ([email protected]) and must follow the instructions in this email in order to complete the EPCS registration process, which includes the IDP Process (Identity Proofing) and activating your token. The email may go to the junk/ spam folder, so be sure to check those as well. DO NOT START THIS PROCESS WITHOUT YOUR EPCS TOKEN. Even if you complete the IDP process, you cannot complete the last step without your token present.

1. Within the email, you will find a link listed under step 1, within the directions. You must click this link in order to begin the EPCS registration process. The invite email also contains an Invite ID, which is necessary to begin the registration process. We recommend that you save the email with the Invite ID in case you do not complete the process.

2. After clicking the link, the page should already have your credentials pre-populated. Please confirm these fields are correct and click "Proceed".

3. Accept the "Terms of Use" by clicking the checkbox and then clicking "I agree".  

4. You will be presented with a temporary password that allows you to resume your IDP session should you exit for any reason. This can only be used if you have passed identity proofing and have yet to bind your token. Please record the password and if you need to exit the IDP session you can use this password to access the session within 24 hours. Simply click on the original invite link and enter the password to continue.

5. Please pay close attention to the prerequisites of the EPCS IDP process (as mentioned above). Click "Continue".

6. Accept the "InfinID Terms of Use" by clicking "I accept". 

Once you have completed these steps, you may carry on with Step 3: User Registration.

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