Step 3: User registration and identity proofing

User Registration and identity proofing

All of the required fields on the "User Registration" page, marked with a red asterisk (*), will need to be filled in:

  • NPI - This will be pre-populated.
  • First/Last Name – These fields will be pre-populated.
  • Email Address – must match the email where you received the EPCS Invite.
  • DEA Number - When entering your DEA number, please use all capital letters. For example, AA1234567, not aa1234567, or Aa1234567. As well, please enter your primary DEA number, not a specialty DEA or DEA, for prescribing addiction medications.
  • Date of Birth - Please click on the calendar icon and select your birth year, followed by month, and finally, the day. This will make sure it is formatted correctly.
  • Address – Please enter whichever address matches your financial records. This is typically a home address. Please do not input any special characters within the address field.
  • SSN

  • Mobile Phone Number – While this is not required, you will receive a text message with your confirmation code if you enter a mobile phone number, and Experian can verify it. This greatly speeds up the IDP process and is strongly recommended.
  • Credit Card Number - Please enter a personal credit card, that is either VISA or MasterCard. You will NOT be charged for anything and only the first 8 digits are required. This can greatly increase the chances of passing IDP.

1. You will be required to answer 3-4 security questions pertaining to your financial history.

Please note: If you are not presented with IDP questions it could signify a security freeze or fraud alert on your accounts. Instead, you will see a message that informs you of unsuccessful identity proofing. To remove a security freeze or fraud alert, please click here

2. Experian will determine whether or not the user has successfully passed IDP. If a provider fails IDP, you must start the IDP process over. Please note: If you fail 3 times, you cannot attempt to go through IDP again for 24 hours. Failing IDP 3 times, will automatically lock the account for 24 hours and will incur a $79 fee (+ tax where applicable), to undergo IDP again. This fee cannot be waived under any circumstances as it originates from DrFirst.

3. Once IDP has been completed successfully, you will get a confirmation that your identity has been successfully verified.

Once you have completed the above steps, please move on to Step 4: Registering your token.

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