Step 4: Registering your token

Registering your token

In this step, you register your EPCS token(s). You will need the hard token you received from DrFirst or a soft token, which can be downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet. You will also need to have a Two-Factor-Authentication app pre-downloaded to complete this step. See how-to: here for Androids, and here for iPhones.

Please Note: It is strongly recommended that you have both a hard and soft token attached to your account. If you only have one token and you lose it, it is stolen, the battery dies, you get a new phone, etc., you will not be able to access your account. This means your EPCS account will need to be disabled, and you will have to go through Identity Proofing once again from start to finish. You will be charged a $79 (+ tax where applicable) fee for this process. This fee cannot be waived under any circumstances as it originates from DrFirst.

1. To begin, click "Add New Token."

2. You will be asked to enter the following information:

  • Token Manufacturer - Symantec
  • Token Issuer – DrFirst
  • Token Type – OTP HARD TOKEN (key fob) or OTP SOFT TOKEN (VIP Access app)
  • Token Name – Please name your token (iPhone token, key fob, etc.)
  • The Serial Number (on the back of the hard token) or Credential ID (the "serial number" at the top of the app when it is opened). Note: The Serial Number or Credential ID should include the letters (Example: SYMC1234567)
  • The OTP (one time pin) or Security Code

3. Click "Save New Token." A success notification will appear. You may also add a second token or click "Continue" to proceed.

After you have completed the steps above, please carry on with Step 5: Creating a passphrase.

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