How do I create snippets for prescriptions?

You can create snippets to help you save time when e-prescribing a medication. These can be added to the ''Additional Directions to Patient'', ''Directions to Pharmacist'' and ''Comments for Office Use Only'' sections when editing a prescription or creating a new one:

1.  Go to Charts>Rx>Send E-rx.

2. Click on the menu icon as shown below and click on "Settings".

3. Click on "Preferences".

4. Click on "Prescription".

5. Create a snippet for the patient directions you most frequently use on the "Custom Additional Directions To Patient" by filling out the information and clicking on the "+" sign.

6. It will be added to the list.

7. You can create snippets for your most commonly used notes to the pharmacist on the "Custom Pharmacist Note" section. Add your note and click on "+" sign. 

8. You can create snippets for your most commonly used prescription comments on the "Custom Prescription Comments" section. Add your note and click on the "+" sign.

9. When you're done adding, click on the "Save" button.

10. Your added notes will be displayed when you edit or create a new prescription and click on the ''+'' sign next to each section. Your snippet will be displayed in a drop-down and you only need to click on it to add.

11. Click on the "+" sign on the ''Directions to Pharmacist'' section and select an option from your "Custom Pharmacist Note'' list. 

12. Click on the drop-down menu on the ''Comment For Office Use Only'' and select an option from your "Custom Prescription Comments" list. 

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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