Electronic Prior Authorizations (ePA)

Submitting electronic Prior Authorizations (ePA) is possible through the ''Patient Advisor'' tool. The prior authorization process will be started automatically for prescriptions that require them. Here's how: 

Note: To review prior authorizations, click on the ''ePA+'' tab within the ''Patient Advisor toolbar as shown below.

The available sections within the ePA+ tab are:

  • PA Question set available: A question set for a prior authorization has been received from the payer/PBM and is ready to be completed.
  • PA Needed: A prior authorization has been generated from the real-time benefit check (myBenefitCheck) and requires initiation from the user.
  • PA Submitted to plan: The question set has been completed and submitted to the payer/PBM.
  • PA Decision Received.
  • PA Denied: Denied by the payer.
  • PA Approved: Approved by the payer
  • PA Closed by Plan: Closed by the payer, additional notes will be available for completion

Any ePA+ tasks will be automatically placed within the appropriate section, depending on its status - this makes it easy to locate. 

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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