Dr First known issues and feature requests

The following are a list of known issues that have been reported - we have asked DrFirst to address these and will post updates here if/when they do:

  • Displaying medications by default alphabetically instead of chronologically.
  • Displaying pending medications by default in "Prescription Management" instead of all medications.
  • At times, active rx not showing in active meds.  But see here for reasons why this might be happening.
  • High number of rx notifications/warnings. Some of these can be adjusted in your settings.
  • Charts>E-rx notifications>Report showing "You are attempting to navigate to Prescription Report view when it is suppressed. Please contact support."
  • DrFirst getting stuck on username/password, even though the patient e-rx info has loaded.
  • "Signature required" alert not showing in some patient's charts or in Charts>E-rx notifications.
  • Mobile prescribing not being user-friendly; iPrescribe needing a password every time upon login. We've asked them to implement a PIN.
  • Clicking on an e-prior authorization request, only to see "ePA task is not available"
  • Prescription coupon not appearing.  Note: This is typically not necessary to print out, as the necessary codes for the pharmacist are usually automatically inserted into the comments.
  • PDMP connection set-up, but not returning data.  If you experience this, please contact us with a chart ID and we will let DrFirst know.
  • Multiple locations: not being able to see pending prescriptions from multiple locations at once. DrFirst has told us this is a Surescripts issue.
  • SMS alerts to patient showing prescriber's name. Because we believe this could be construed as a HIPAA violation, we do not support this, and our BAA does not apply to this, unless you have explicit patient informed consent to receiving unencrypted communications from you.
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