I've completed identity proofing with DrFirst, now what do I do?

Once your e-prescribe account is fully activated, it's time to dive into using DrFirst. Here's how to do things efficiently.

Fastest ways to set up a chart & send a prescription

  1. Enter pharmacy info by following the prompts.
  2. Enter allergy info or watch it here: 

  3. Prescription options:
    1. Enter a brand new prescription:  
      1. Enter sig info via free text (you do NOT have to pick from every drop-down!)
      2. Enter sig info via Dr First sig/pharmacist text shortcuts.

      3. Call up one of your pre-defined favorites

    2. Renew a prescription:
      1. Renew just one previous prescription (to do this, DON'T click the prescription itself, click the "Renew from medication" or "Prescribe from medication" icons) OR
      2. Renew more than one prescription at a time 

    3. Send the prescription:
      1. Enter your signature password to send any prescription - this was sent to you in an email confirming your account was set up.
      2. If a controlled substance, check the box, then sign with your "passphrase" that you set during identity proofing (NOT your "signature password") and token. Note: If you see a warning that you are not set up for prescribing controlled substances, please contact us immediately so we can bring it to the attention of DrFirst right away.
      3. For more explanations of DrFirst passwords, and how to reset them, read this.

Big time-savers

  1. Too many warnings?  Learn how to reduce unnecessary warnings.
  2. Set up and use medication favorites to save time. Note: to have the sig pre-filled when using a favorite, make sure to click the link that shows the sig (directly below the medication - e.g., "1 capsule by mouth") and not the link that is simply the medication.

Known issues

Something not working, right?  Check out our list of Dr First known issues to see if what you've identified has already been reported and to see status updates.

Questions? Contact us

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