How do I set up a telepsych appointment in

Here's how to set up a telepsych appointment in Luminello through

1. In your Luminello calendar, create an appointment and check “Video.” ( Note: You must have already selected a chart for the checkbox to be enabled, and that chart must have an active portal account.) 

2. In the Luminello portal dashboard, beneath the appointment time, your patient/client will see a link to your virtual waiting room.

  • Patients/clients of free users will be able to access the virtual waiting room by clicking on the ''Open Doxy'' button as shown below: 

3. To begin a telespsych appointment, both you and your patient/client will click the link (yours will be in your calendar, in the appointment info. You can also open a new tab and sign in to your account) and voilà, your patient/client will be placed in your virtual waiting room in a new tab, and so will you, if you have saved your login info to your browser.

  • Video appointments will be displayed with a camera icon in the calendar as shown below:

4. On your account, make sure to click on the correct patient's name to start the session. 

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us

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