How do I change an office appointment to a video session?

You can change an existing appointment on your calendar to a video session and vice versa by editing the entry on your calendar without deleting it and creating a new one. Read on to learn how: 

1. Access your "Calendar" from your Luminello left navigation menu. 

2. Navigate to the appointment that you'd like to edit and click on it. 

3. Click on the ''Edit event'' button. 

4. Click on the ''Online Appointment'' checkbox. 

5. Scroll down, and click on ''Submit'' to save your changes.

 6. The appointment will now be displayed with a videocamera icon on your calendar indicating that it is now a video session.

Note: The same process can be followed in reverse to change a video session to any other appointment type.

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us

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