How do I create an invoice?

There are two methods to create an invoice for any of the patients/ clients in your roster, provided that there is a billing transaction already present in the transactions list. This also applies to patients who have not yet set up their portal accounts. Read on to learn how: 

Note: Did you know you can create an invoice for all the copay sessions in a given month for any of your patients? Here's how

On a patient's/client's chart.

1. Go into a patient's chart through the ''Shortcuts'' menu on the home page by selecting ''View billing'' from the ''Go to'' dropdown menu, as shown below:

2. On the ''All Transactions'' tab, click on the dropdown menu of the transaction that you'd like to create an invoice for and click "Create Invoice". This will create an invoice for that single transaction.

3. You will now see the invoice preview.

4. If you'd like to create an invoice for more than one transaction, check the appropriate boxes to the left of the transaction>"I want to...">"Invoice">"Create new".

5. You will now see the invoice preview of the selected transactions.

6. The information on the ''Invoice Date'', and ''Term'' fields will be auto-populated for you but can be edited if you desire. In addition, you can add a comment in the ''Comment'' field. 

6. Click on ''Create'' to create the invoice. Or, ''Create + Send'' to create the invoice and send it to the patient's/ client's portal, provided that the patient/ client has already created a portal account. 

Note: If the ''Create + Send'' button is grayed out, it indicates that the patient/client does not have an active portal account or that the permission to view invoices has not been enabled in their Chart.

7. You'll be taken to the ''Invoice Tracker'' section displaying a success notification.

On the ''Financial>Financial Summary'' section:

1. Click on "Financial" on your left navigation panel.

2. In the "Financial Summary">'' All Transactions'' section, enter the first, last name, or chart number of the patient/ client in the search box and select the one that you would like to create an invoice for.

Then repeat steps two through six above to create an invoice from a single transaction or from various multiple transactions.

Note: To learn how to enable auto-pay for invoices not paid in full, please click here

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us

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