How do I send in triplicates (or greater than a 30 day supply) of CIIs?

There are several options for clinicians who wish to send in more than a 30 day supply for CII's, since refills on these are not allowed.

  • Mail-order: Send a >30 day supply to the patient's/client's preferred mail order pharmacy.
  • Local pharmacy, >30 day supply: Send a >30 day supply to the patient's/client's local pharmacy, as an increasing number of insurance plans now cover this.  In the notes to the pharmacist, indicate that if insurance does not cover a >30 day supply, to go ahead and dispense quantity 30.
  • Local pharmacy, 30 day supply with multiple, post-dated prescriptions: In Charts>Rx>Send e-Rx, add in ''“Rx #1 of 3”, “Rx #2 of 3” or “Rx #3 of 3” on the ''Directions to Pharmacist'' section and pick a date on the ''Do not fill before'' field. 

 See a visual here:

And you should be all set! If the prescription was marked as undeliverable, please read this article.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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