How do I book a screenshare or phone session?

Premium plan subscribers can book a screenshare or phone session with one of our experts. Here's how: 

1. Click on ''Account''. 

2. On the ''Settings'' section, click on the ''Get extra support'' button. 

3. Click on the ''Quick troubleshooting screenshare - Premium plan subscribers only'' option.

4. Click on your preferred time/date for the session. 

5. Fill out the form with your information and let us know what issue you'd like us to troubleshoot with you during the session. Then, click on ''Complete Appointment''. 

6. You'll receive a confirmation with the link to access the session. 

  • Click on the ''Add to iCal/Outlook'' or ''Add to Google'' button to link the session to your preferred calendar. 

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us

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