How can I apply a payment to an invoice?

Here's how to apply a payment to an invoice on a patient's/client's chart:

1. Go into a patient's chart through the ''Shortcuts'' menu on the home page by selecting ''View billing'' from the ''Go to'' dropdown menu, as shown below.

2. Click on the ''Invoice Tracker'' tab. 

3. Click on the dropdown menu next to the invoice that you'd like to apply the payment to and select ''Apply new payment'' or ''Apply existing payment''. 

  • If ''Apply new payment is selected'', you will be able to create a new payment transaction that will be automatically applied to the invoice. Select the payment type on the ''Payment Type'' field and enter an amount. Then, click on ''Save''.

  • If ''Apply existing payment'' is clicked, you will be able to allot a specific amount from the balance available to apply in the chart to the invoice.  The balance available to apply is equal to the sum of all payment transactions in the transaction list. If applying a previous payment, the balance available to apply comes from the oldest available payment. To finalize the process, enter an amount to apply and then click on ''Apply Now''. 

4. Once the payment has been applied to the invoice, you'll see a success notification on your screen. Additionally, the invoice's status will change as a result. 

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us

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