How can I create a branch in my Group practice?

Some group practices have scores of patients and might not constantly want to assign and unassign charts. Branches can help with keeping the roster organized.  Creating branches is a viable solution to keeping the roster organized.
Some of the recent uses of branches include:
  • By clinicians: E.g. Jane Smith's clients and Sigmund Freud's patients.
  • By type of treatment. E.g. Sleep Therapy/ Psychotherapy/ Hypnotherapy.
  • By stage of treatment. E.g. Evaluation, Medication Follow-up, Therapy.
  • By age. E.g. Children, Adolescents, 21-30.
  • By discount. E.g. Full Rated/ Discounted/ Community Service
  • By location. E.g. New York Office/ San Diego Office.

Read on to learn how to create and set up branches in your Luminello account. 

Note: This is restricted to "Owner" and "Super Admin" personnel only. 

1. From the "Owner" menu, click on "Account.''>"Practice Info."

2. On the "Practice Info" tab, select "Branch Info." To add a new branch, click on "Add new branch."

3. Enter a name for the branch you are creating in "Branch Name." Select the ''Tax ID'' dropdown for the one appropriate for the branch and click the ''Location'' dropdown to select the desired option from the list. 

3. You have the option to set the branch as default by checking the box next to "Use this branch as default." Finally, click on ''Save this branch.''  You can add as many branches as you feel necessary for your practice/s by repeating the steps from "+Add a new branch." Also, remember only to click the checkbox next to ''Use this branch as default'' to set that specific branch as the default branch practice-wide.

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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