How can I separate charts into different groups?

Even if you don't have more than one location, you can still create multiple branches with the same tax ID and location to segment your charts, and not have issues with the incorrect or wrong tax ID/location showing up on financial statements.

If a patient needs to be added to both branches (A&B), you can create a new branch with the same information, add all charts there and name it with a combination of both branches. i.e: "Branch A + B".

Note: To learn how to create a branch in your practice, please click here.
1. To create branch A, enter a name for the branch, then click on the ''Tax ID'' and ''Location'' dropdowns to select the desired information.

2. Repeat the process to create branch B.

3.  Create Branch A+B making sure to select the same "Tax ID" and "Location".

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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