How do I switch from Simple Practice?

Getting started 

Welcome to Luminello! We are here for you every step of the way to make your transition from Simple Practice as efficient as possible.

If you're curious about Luminello and would like to see us in action, you can book a live 1-on-1 demo of Luminello.

If you're ready to dive in, we're happy to import all information that Simple Practice allows you to export. Here's how to make that happen:

  1. Contact our dedicated imports team and let us know if you want to import your records. We'll sign a business associate agreement (BAA) with your organization to get the ball rolling.
  2. Export your patients'/clients' info. We can use that file to create Luminello charts for you that include full demographic info and place the PDFs that Simple Practice exports into those charts.
    1. Individual clinicians can learn more about this from Simple Practice here.
    2. Groups can learn more about this from Simple Practice here.
  3. We will share a secure, HIPAA-compliant Google Drive folder to upload your data export from Simple Practice. Then our imports team will review it to confirm the data is valid and give you a timeline.

Note: PCI regulations prevent the inclusion of credit card (cc) information in any imported data or stored records.

Once your data import is complete

We know that changing platforms requires time and thoughtfulness, and we've gone to great lengths to get you started as efficiently as possible:

  • Take a look at our help articles and videos: We have articles and videos within our extensive help database to answer many of your questions, and we're always adding more. Please look at our ''Welcome'' articles for individual clinicians and group owners for starters. 
  • Sign up for an onboarding session: We offer a one-time phone call or screenshare to walk you through Luminello, for 30 minutes, at no charge. All practice/clinic users (including assistants) should be present for this session. We'll send you a link to book a time online after signing up.

Support Options

We believe in training and support that is timely, knowledgeable, and friendly.

  • Free subscribers get a team of highly trained professionals available weekdays 7 am-10 pm ET and weekends 8 am-4 pm ET via email to promptly answer any questions or solve issues. 
  • Premium subscribers can reach our support team via email chat and pre-booked/screenshare session so that you don't have to wait on hold. 
Please contact us if you have any questions about this process. 
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