How do I charge a credit card?

There are three ways to charge a credit card: 

  1. When signing a note
  2. When reviewing your accounts receivables
  3. When adding a transaction

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Note: This assumes a credit card is already on file for this chart.  If it's not, you can add one in Charts>Billing>Settings, or you can ask your patient/client to add it in the portal (here is an article you can send to them to show them how).  We highly recommend the latter method for making your PCI compliance simpler.  Read about this here.

Charge a credit card when signing a note

1. Go into a patient's chart through the ''Shortcuts'' menu on the home page by selecting ''Chart dashboard'' from the ''Go to'' dropdown menu, as shown below:

2. Choose the type of note you want to create. 

3. You will find "Record billing info for this session" at the bottom of the note. Check the box for payment options to be displayed. On the "Payment" drop-down menu, choose "credit card XXXX- charge now".

4. Enter the amount received and add a payment comment if you'd like. Then click the "sign" button. 

Charging a credit card on the ''Accounts Receivables'' section:

1. Click the ''Financial'' tab on the left navigation menu. 

2. Under the "Financial Summary" tab, click on the ''Accounts Receivables'' tab to display all accounts with a balance due. 

3. Click on the patient's/client's name to access the chart's billing history.

4. Click on the dropdown menu to the right of the name and select ''Credit card - run full balance'' or ''Credit card - run partial balance''. Additionally, if there is no credit card on file for the patient/client, click on ''Add credit card'' to add one. 

Charging a credit card when adding a transaction

1. Click "Charts" on the left navigation.

2. Select the patient/client you want to charge and click on their name. 

3. Click the "Billing" tab then "Add a transaction." 

4. The following screen will appear. Fill out the required details and select the credit card you would like to charge from the "Payment" dropdown menu.

5. A "transaction added" message will be displayed after the successful processing of the charge. 

Note: If the option "Paid by credit card - external" is chosen, no credit card on file will be charged.        

To learn how to refund a transaction, please click here.

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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