How do I upload PDFs to the portal and enable them for e-consent?

Premium users can save time by storing their most commonly used documents in Luminello. Your patients/clients can then access them automatically - read on to learn how.  Note: Proof of e-consent is only possible with PDF documents.  If you have another file type, convert it to a PDF first so you can take advantage of this feature.

1. Select the "Practice" tab in the left navigation bar. 

2. Click "Documents", and then choose "My PDFs".

3. Enter the title for your document, it should be something easily recognizable to patients/clients, for example "Practice Policies. This will replace whatever the current filename is. 

4. Click "Choose file". 

5. Click the file to be uploaded and then click "Open". 

6. Click the "Add" button. 

7. A success message will appear and the file can then e found on the list of PDF's.

Change your mind?

If you want to temporarily remove a document from the portal, uncheck "Display in portal".  

If you want to remove it permanently, click the trash can.  

And don't worry, if the document has been e-signed by a patient/client previously, the document and e-signature will still be retained in Luminello for that patient's/client's chart.

Displaying Documents in the Portal

To display a document in the portal, click the box located below "DISPLAY IN PORTAL". This will allow all your patients/clients to view the document.  

Enabling Documents to be E-signed

To enable e-signature for a document, click the "Enable E-signature" after "Display in portal" has been checked.  (If you don't see the box to enable e-signature, please make sure the "Display in portal" box has been checked.) This will allow your clients to consent to the document electronically.  Note: documents cannot be filled in or physically signed; the patient/client is checking a box to consent.  As stated above, only use PDFs as these are the only file type that will generate proof of e-consent.

That should do it!  Let us know if you have any questions!

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