DOSESPOT: How do I process e-Rx transmission errors?

You may come across e-Rx transmission errors when trying to e-prescribe. Below you will find instructions on how to process these errors.

Reviewing/clearing errors in the refills/transmission errors screen

1. On your dashboard, besides "Charts", see a clickable orange notification with a number. Please do so to be taken to the ''e-Rx notifications'' section.

2. You are able to view the specific errors by clicking on the + sign right next to "Transmission Errors".

3. You have two options: a) View or b) Ignore.

To View Details

1. Click on "View".

2. You have the option to print the prescription and hand to the patient/client. Please note many states require printed prescriptions to be on specialty paper (you'll need to check with the pharmacy or your medical board to clarify; Luminello is unable to advise on this). 

3. A new webpage will open in which you can print the prescription for the patient/client. 

To Ignore the Transmission Error

 1. Click "Ignore".

2. A pop up will appear. Please type a reason, and press the "Ignore" button.

3. The transmission error will disappear and the notification will be gone!

Reviewing/clearing errors in the patient's/client's chart

If you come upon the error while in the patient's/client's chart, in e-Rx>current, simply click "Print" and enter your PIN, even if you don't need to print.  The error will automatically be cleared.

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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