How can I export financial data?

All providers can export their financial data in four different files. You can print a financial summary report in PDF and CSV files and also a detailed summary report in PDF and CSV formats. The detailed report will show the billing codes for all transactions whereas the summary report will not. Follow these instructions to download the reports:

1. On the Navigation bar, click "Financial".

2. Click on the ''Filter List'' dropdown and set the ''Date Range''. Then, click on ''Apply''. Note: To export financial records from a specific patient, select the patient in the ''Show All'' dropdown at this point. 

3. Click on the ''I want to...'' dropdown box and select ''Export''. Then, choose the type of export and format that you would like to generate. 

4. Depending on your browser settings, PDF exports will open automatically on a new tab, where you can download and print as you would with any other file. For CSV exports, you will be prompted to start a download to your computer. 

  • PDF Exports:

  • CSV Exports:

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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