How do I invite a patient/client to create a portal account?

Here's how to invite a patient/client to create a portal account. 

Note: You must have the patient's/client's consent to send an invite.

1. You can use the ''Shortcuts'' menu by selecting the chart and clicking on ''View profile info'' from the ''Go to'' dropdown. 

2. Add the patient's/client's email in the "Email Address" field, and check the "Invite to Luminello" box. 

Note: If you see the error "Oh no! This email address is already associated with a chart in your practice," that means that the email address you're trying to add is already in use in your practice or any other practice within Luminello. See here for a workaround for Gmail accounts.

3. A HIPAA warning will prompt you to confirm the email address. Click "Yes, this is the correct email address" to proceed.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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