Calendar and online booking FAQs

Q: Can patients/clients see my entire calendar?

A: No. They can only see time slots that you have made available for them to schedule. They will have no access to your actual calendar.

Q: Can I manually book an appointment during a time that is reserved for online booking?

A: Yes!  To avoid scheduling conflicts, times booked manually are removed from the online booking options. This prevents any double booking from happening!

Q: Do I need to create a new calendar for online booking?

A: No, however, you can designate one of the calendars as a specific online booking calendar if you prefer. Otherwise, online booking options can be added into your primary calendar so you can see all of your appointments in one place!

Q: Can I offer multiple appointment types?

A: Yes! You can create specific appointment types by title, with customized time frames for each of these appointment types.  Once one of those time slots is booked, the online inventory automatically adjusts all remaining times appropriately.

Q: Can I control how soon or far out, patients/clients book?

A: Yes, you adjust the length of time patients/clients can schedule out by changing settings in Calendar>Online booking.

Q: When I book an appointment through the one-step booking process, will the patient/client receive reminders?

A: In order to be sure your patients/clients will receive reminders, check the Calendar>Settings defaults and be sure that the reminders box is checked.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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