How do I record a billing for a session before I have a signed note?

If you would like to create a superbill before signing a note, please follow these instructions:

1. When composing a note, click on the ''Action'' dropdown under the ''Plan'' section'' to display your available options. Click on "Billing" and a new tab will open in the Billing>All Transactions section. 

2. In the new tab, click on "Add a transaction". 

3. Input a CPT code and any fees/payments. Then, click on ''Add Transaction'' to add the transaction to the list. 

5. Click on "Create Superbill" and make sure to adjust the ''Date Range'' to include the transaction you have just created.

 6. If it's a new patient/client, you can enter the diagnosis code on the ''Add a diagnosis'' field. If it's an established patient/client who you've written a note for before, no need to touch the diagnosis area (unless you want to update it for whatever reason).

7. Click on "Create Superbill".

That's it!! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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