How do I record billing for a session before signing a note?

Did you know Luminello automatically remembers how much you last billed? This means that once you've billed a patient before, you won't have to re-enter the charge. But, if you'd like to bill the patient or client before then, read on to learn how or watch a webinar about the insurance and billing basics here:

1. From the main dashboard, select a patient on the ''Chart Shortcut'' section and choose, ''View Billing'' on the ''Go to...'' dropdown.

2. Click on "Add a transaction." 

3. Input a CPT code and any fees/payments. Then, click on ''Add Transaction'' to add the transaction to the list. Note: If you haven't seen the patient yet, you could select ''90899 - Miscellaneous services" as a placeholder. 

4. Now, create a superbill or invoice, and you're all set! 

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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