DOSESPOT: How do I get help for e-Prescribe issues?

Luminello, in conjunction with our partners, provides support to clinicians who experience e-Rx transmission issues.  

Here's an overview of how e-prescriptions are sent to pharmacies:

  • Luminello provides a platform where the patient/client and clinician data are connected.
  • Behind the scenes, DoseSpot provides the user interface (the screens you see and buttons you click) in ''Charts>Rx>Send E-Rx'' to enable clinicians to e-prescribe.
  • Surescripts is the "engine" that powers the transmission of the e-Rx to the pharmacy.

Read on to learn more about how support works, and for troubleshooting tips.


  • DoseSpot's interface has been certified by Surescripts and the DEA for sending controlled (and non-controlled) substances.
  • DoseSpot controls the e-Rx and EPCS set-up process in conjunction with DEA regulations.
  • DoseSpot controls the e-refills process.
  • Any bugs related to any of the above must be fixed by Dosespot, which is open standard business hours, Eastern Time.
  • Luminello will coordinate the support process, but only Dosespot can troubleshoot/fix e-Rx processes or bugs. Please note Dosespot's hours, above.
  • The most common issue Luminello clinicians face with Dosespot when e-prescribing is after having changed/upgraded phones. To learn more about this, see this article.


  • The green checkmark you see after a prescription has been sent means the prescription has been successfully transmitted to the Surescripts network.
  • Surescripts does not provide customer support directly to Luminello users; however, it will work with Dosespot and Luminello to troubleshoot any issues.
  • The most common issue Luminello providers face with Surescripts is when pharmacies state a prescription wasn't received. To learn more about this, see this article.

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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