Can I e-Prescribe in Luminello via telepsychiatry?

Unfortunately, DEA regulations have not kept up with changes in technology. Here we outline typical scenarioss, however, this is not intended as legal advice, just rough guidelines - please consult your lawyer and/or local medical association if you have more questions and for final authority. Unfortunately, Luminello has no control over this process and is not able to give legal advice.  

For more information, please read this blog post.


  • I have multiple offices in one or multiple states (and appropriate state medical licenses), and I'm NOT sending controlled substances
  • I have multiple offices in multiple states, with appropriate medical licenses and DEA numbers, I'm sending controlled substances and I'm doing face-to-face meetings

It depends

  • I have one or more offices in the same state and am sending controlled substances in that state - depends on state law


  • I have one office in one state and want to e-prescribe controlled substances nationwide
  • I have multiple offices in multiple states, multiple state licenses, and DEA numbers, but will not be conducting face-to-face evaluations - and I wish to prescribe controlled substances

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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