How do I get access to e-labs?

Step 1: Set up an e-lab account directly with a lab

Approval for e-labs functionality is granted by the labs (such as LabCorp and Quest) themselves.  Luminello and our partner, Change Healthcare, have no control over this process. 

All requests for more information about this process must be directed to the labs themselves by contacting your local lab sales representative directly.  While our partner Change Healthcare deals with several lab companies, the two major labs are LabCorp and Quest. Clinicians can contact LabCorp via this site to speak to a representative, and connect with Quest via this site.

Unfortunately, LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics may deny an e-lab account request if a low number of requests are being sent by the clinician. If your practice does not qualify, you can still print a generic lab slip.

Step 2: Contact us to begin the Luminello e-lab integration

Once you have been approved by at least one lab, fill out your intake form and email it back to us at so we can set you up for using e-labs. 

Click here to learn how to fill it out and download a blank copy. 

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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