How do I create/edit a billing code?

Scroll down to learn how to:

  • Create a billing code (including add-on codes)
  • Edit a billing code
  • Delete a billing code

Note: Your rates are entered in a different area.  Please see this article to find out where to enter your rates.

OR can watch this webinar about the insurance and billing basics here: 

How do I create a billing code?

1. Go to Financial>Billing Codes, and then the Billing Codes below that.

2.  Click "Add a billing code", situated at the bottom.

3. Enter the appropriate code and description in the boxes that appear, then click "Save".

4. When billing a patient in their Chart under Billing>All Transactions>Procedure Code, your newly created code/s will now be visible under the 'procedure code' list.

How do I edit a billing code?

1. Click on the code number itself (in orange), make the appropriate changes in the box that appears, then click "Update".

How do I delete a billing code?

1. Click on the code number itself, then click "Delete" in the box that appears below it.

Go to billing codes overview

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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