I don't take insurance - how do I handle add-on code rate breakdowns?

Here's how to handle add-on code rate breakdowns, if you don't take insurance:

1.  In Financial>Billing Codes>Payers, set up your add-on codes with the ratio you wish the codes to show in billing statements. For example, if your total session fee for 99213+90833 is $250, and you wish a 2:1 ratio to appear on the billing statement, enter the amounts as illustrated here: 

2. When you bill for a session, the total amount will appear.

3. When you create a statement, the rates for each code will be calculated with the ratio you designated in step 1.  So, in this case, because you billed $250 and the ratio was 2:1, the amounts are shown as you had set up in step 1.

If your rates go up, and you now wish to charge $300, the breakdown would still appear in the 2:1 ratio (ie, $200 for 99213 and $100 for 90833).

Click here to go to the billing codes overview page.

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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