How do I keep track of notes that I've signed?

You can see a checkmark, signifying a note has been signed, on your calendar, if when composing the note you link the two.  

1. Go to Charts>Entries>Compose Note, and pick a note type/template to compose.

2. Chose a pre-existing calendar entry from the dropdown list in "Link to an Appointment."  Note the blue highlight in this example, selecting the March 5 appointment.

  • The system defaults to today's appointment, if there happens to be one scheduled on the day you are composing the note, but you are free to choose from other dates as well.
  • If you have booked an appointment for a different date than the date on which you are composing the note, you'll need to open the dropdown and pick that appointment manually.
  • If you have not booked an appointment prior to writing the note, there will not be any choices to link to.

3. Sign your note.

4. Go to the calendar, and voilà, you'll see the checkmark in the appointment.  For patients with long names, the checkmark might not be visible in the default calendar view, so you may wish to change the default view of your calendar (Calendar>Settings>Display calendar in time increments) to 15 minutes or fewer.

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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