How do I switch from Practice Fusion?

There are a few different options to switch and transfer data from Practice Fusion to Luminello:

  • In Practice Fusion, you can generate a spreadsheet with all your patients' demographic info yourself; we can then take that file and use it to create Luminello charts for you. You can learn more about this from Practice Fusion here.  Then, simply upload PDFs of the old records into each chart.
  • You can request that Practice Fusion support generate a file with your notes and patients'/clients' demographic info in a special format. This can take Practice Fusion several weeks to generate, and you will need to get some paperwork notarized as well. Once that's done, we can typically import those notes, assuming there isn't anything too unusual in the file you send us. See here for more info. Included in the file:
    • Demographic info - we create a chart based on this. Some info (like nicotine status) we don't include, but all the essentials are included.
    • Notes - we convert your notes into free text notes for each chart.
    • Rx info - through our partner SureScripts, rx info is pulled from insurance company records.  Any prescription that the patient/client has picked up in the last 2 years and used their insurance information to obtain can be retrieved by the "medication history" and then added to the chart with a click.
  • Not included in the file:
    • Appointment/billing/diagnosis info/attachments/files - unfortunately Practice Fusion does not offer a transfer of this information.  However, we are happy to add this for you if you send it to us.  To review our custom onboarding options, see: How do I import info from my old charts?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this process or would like a quote for custom onboarding services - we're here to get you up and running fast!

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