Help, I set up online booking but no appointments appear in the portal

Here's a common list of reasons why appointments don't show up in the portal:

1. The online booking permissions have not been set in the ''Calendar>Online Booking'' section.

2. "Padding" is not being accounted for.  Padding is the amount of time after an appointment you allow for charting, bathroom breaks, etc.  It is optional, but if you add it in, then the system always counts in the total duration. So, if you offer a therapy appointment that is 45 minutes and you assign 5 minutes of padding, then the total duration is 50 minutes.  If you only block off 45 minutes for an online slot, then this appointment type won't show up, because you didn't block off 50 minutes.

3. "Cut-off" is too limited.  If you want appointments to show up for the day after a patient/client goes into the portal to book an appointment, but your cut-off is two days, then the appointments won't show up. In addition, "How far out" could be too restrictive. If you want appointments to show up for up to a year, but you only pick "one month," then any appointments between months 2 and 12 won't show up unless you pick "1 year."

4. You haven't set the available appointment types when reserving the slot for online booking in the ''Calendar''. You can click on ''Edit Event'' and then click on the checkbox that corresponds to the appointment type you'd like to make available. 

Please feel free to contact us if you're stuck, we're always happy to help you find the best setup!

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