What happens to my administrative documents once the patient/client has e-signed/e-consented?

Depending on the method you use to deliver your administrative document to a portal, here are what the end results will look like:

Custom Administrative Documents

After a patient/client completes and signs an admin form, you will automatically get notified via email. You'll then be able to see the completed form with the patient's signature in their chart dashboard: PDFs

When a patient/client e-consents to a PDF in their portal, the PDF document will then appear in "Chart>Entries>All Entries" with a notification that the form has been e-consented and looks like this: Luminello adds a final page to the PDF displaying the electronic signature. To view this, click on the link (in this case "YMRS.pdf") which will then open up the PDF. You will find, at the end of the document, the page that has been appended: That's it! Contact us if you have any questions. 

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